Furtherwick Park Legacy


Welcome to the Furtherwick Park School Legacy Fund. In August 2011 Furtherwick Park School closed its doors… The school had been serving the community of Canvey Island since 1957, in that time it had been known as “our community school” with among others The Family Centre, a pre school, Canvey Island swimming club and TASCC team all situated within its buildings. Upon closure the school Governing body wished the name of the  school and its community service to continue, so a trust fund was donated to  the Rotary Club of Canvey Island and administered by five chosen Trustees.

The fund is here to support the youth of Canvey Island. If you work with the younger generation or you are under 25 years old, looking for funding for a group project or an individual looking for support in education, sport, challenges, charity work aboard, etc we are here to help. No matter how large or small the need, fill out the application form and address it to The Furtherwick Park Legacy Fund, then send your request to:- The secretary Canvey Island Rotary Club, 259 Furtherwick Rd, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 7DQ or email

Email: furtherwickparklegacy@gmail.com

Email: info.canveyrotary@gmail.com


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