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Archie Leeming

Supporting a future champion Archie Leeming.  On Tuesday 22nd January a presentation was made to up and coming rugby star Archie Leeming. We look forward to reading about his future successes.Archie Leeming

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  1. Louise Leeming Says:

    Just a quick up date on Archie Leemings trials for London and South East Divisionals.
    After last weekends training camp he was selected out of 38 boys to be in the final squad of 24. So is now registered as an England u 16. He will go to Coventry this weekend on a three day camp where he will play a selectors game against the midlands . I will keep you updated on hopw things go.


    Louise Leeming

  2. jan Says:

    Well done Archie and good luck this weekend.

  3. Louise Leeming Says:

    After playing really well for The South of England The U 16’s England manager Telephoned us and said Archie has done Phmomanaly well especially as this is his first season ever playing in the front row,what a fantastic little player he is. Now he has to bulk up and carry on gaining more front row experience, and that he is well and truly on the England radar.

    Archie was also entered in to the Essex Indoor and Eastern Region championships for Shot put earlier this month which he won both titles Setting a new club record
    He was also contacted by the Junior Saints Academy manager and asked if he could play for the Northampton Saints U 17’s on Saturday 23rd Feb against The Saracens at the New 4g Saracens Allianz Park. I will up keep you updated on how things go.


    Louise Leeming

  4. jan Says:

    Excellent Archie and well done.

  5. Louise Leeming Says:

    Archie played in the Northampton V Saracens U 17’s, Northampton won. They are the first team to beat saracens at their new stadium . He played in the second half, he scrummaged really strong, played well and scored his first try for Northampton so was extremely happy (So proud).

    Since then he has played two league games for Westcliff U 16 they drew one & won one ( were he had a try disallowed in the first game ( not happy) then scored a try in the second.
    He now playes next week away V Romford. If they win they will win the league.
    Next Tuesday he has his academy training as usual at Northampton then on Wednesday the has got a interview at Moulton College in Northampton which is linked to the Northampton Saints Rugby club. because they want to have a look at him.. This will give him another option regarding his rugby career?

    Final update on Good friday Archie has been entred into the Chelmsford Throw Festival by Castle View School. He will be competing in U 17 Shot and Discus.

  6. Louise Leeming Says:

    New Update on Archie Leeming.

    Due to weather conditions unfortunatly the throws Festival was canceled!!

    Archie played his last league game for Westcliff which they Won a really tough game(having 2 players sent off, so down to 13 players for 10 minuets) with Archie scoring the last try to win 24 V 10 .So they are now League 1 champions.

    At the last Canvey Island Rugby Club Commitee meeting Archie was acknowledged for his Rugby achievements having starting out at Canvey which was really nice.

    We have been backwards and forwards to Northampton for training, which was twice a week for the Easter Holidays. Archie was training in the Gym along site some first team players in the morning sessions, then on the training pitches playing rugby all afternoon were he was working extremely hard.

    Archie’s interview went really well, the director of Rugby seemed to be impressed with him and he has now received a letter offering him a place at Moulton College.
    I will keep you updated when we make a finale dicision.

    We have also just received a letter from Castle View inviting us to their 2013 Awards Ceremony. The letter says its for Archie to receive a prestigious award and prize from a curriculum area, to be held on the 24th April at school.( to which i shall also keep you up dated).

    And finally Archie has received an email inviting him to take part in the U 17’s Essex Rugby Trials held on the 11 & 12 May.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Regards Louise Leeming

  7. Louise Leeming Says:

    Hi all
    Its been a really busy time for Archie of late what with his exams on top of all his sport.
    Archie’s award from Castle view was for Sports person of the year which he was honoured to receive from Councillor Ray Howard. Since April Archie has been selected for the last 42 Boys at the U 17 Essex rugby trials. With his first training session starting on 7yh July then twice a week there after.
    Archis has also taken part in a number of Shot Put competition, both for his School and for Basildon Ac. 6th May Archie won the Essex champs shot put and came second in Discus.
    8th May he won the District sports at Shot put with a throw od 14.23, which was nealy four meters further than second place.
    10th May Westcliff rugby presentation where the team were presented with league winners medals and Archie was awarded with a Mr Strong award.
    19 May Archie competed for Basildon. at Cambridge. He came first in Shot Put with 14 meters 70cm. this throw is 30cm over national standard.He was also third in Discus.
    31st May Archie was invited for a taster day at Moulton College in Northampton. He really enjoyed the day and has seemed to have impressed the director of rugby.So all seems to be very hopefull.
    2nd June Archie competed for Essex and Newham Begals,where he came fist in U17 discus and in the U20 men shot, which is a 6kg Shot instead of 5kg He set a new club record of 13.20 which place him 2nd overall.This was reported in the Evening Echo as the stand out preformance of the meet.
    8th June Archie was feeling really poorly with throat infection and a raging temperature, but had been entered by Castle View for the Essex Championships at Melbourne Park .So he literally got out of bed, slept all the way there, threw shot 13.87, which was over a meter further than anyone else, collected his 1st place medal. slept al the way home went straight back to bed.( must say even i was impressed with his dedication ).
    10th June Archie still really poorly had to go to school to do his History exam, as he left the hall he was presented with a letter from Essex Athletics informing him he has been selected for the third year in a row to represent Essex At the English Schools National Finals, to be held in Birmingham on the 5 & 6 July
    since his selection for English schools Archie has been training hard and resting inbetween, letting his body repair after too long bouts of illness he now seems fighting fit. All hes exams are finished he heas his leavers assembly this afternoon then Prom on Friday.
    Archie has just recived his new pre season training fixture list for Northampton Saints . most weeks its twice a week but some are three times if there is a game. All to be held a various rugby clubs up and down the country with the first four at Cambridge then back at Northampton then at RAF Honington, with the rest to be confirmed. Somehow he has to fit in Essex training (which is important for England selection at U 18 ) on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings.
    So as You can tell Archie has been extremely busy this last six weeks, I will keep you updated asap
    Regards Louise Leeming.

  8. louise leeming Says:

    A quick update as promised

    Archie competed in Birmingham at the English Schools Championships for shot put on 5th July . He WON GOLD so is now The English schools champion 2013 and as a result has been selected to represent England in Dublin on the 19th July .
    On his return he had to undergo a fitness test at Essex Rugby training which he has to go again on Tuesday evening.
    On Wednesday he is at Basildon to take part in photo sessions and a interview for the papers regarding hes Win and England selection, then on Thursday he begins his preparation for Dublin( venue to be arranged )

    Once again I will update asap

    Regards Louise

  9. louise leeming Says:

    Just returned from the weekend in Dublin, where Archie won Gold after throwing a massif life time best of 15. 71m which was 1m & 1cm further than his previous best. It was also half a meter more than second place. This now makes him not only English champion but also the Great British champion..
    On his return Archie received a phone call saying he had been selected to compete at Sandy in Bedford on the 7th September for the south of England team.
    we are also off to Cambridge on Wednesday, friday, Monday, then the same the following week for Northampton Saints Pre season training.

    From a very proud mother


  10. louise leeming Says:

    Hi all
    Here is the next Progress report on Archie.
    After his success in Dublin Archie received an invitation to compete at the Bedford International championships on 31/08/13. Where he finished 4th with a throw of 14.78 metres (to which he was disappointed with ) .He then was entered into the Hibbard Bemax & Peter House Trophy on the 7th September 2013 at Sandy Stadium Bedford . This time he won with a throw of 14.91 which is a stadium all-time best, a really good way to finish his throwing season.
    He spent most of the summer holidays back and forth to Northampton and various other rugby clubs up and down the country doing pre-season training. He was selected to play in the Northern tournament in the midlands for the Saints. Which he played really well in.
    After much deliberation together with myself & Tony Archie chose Moulton College in Northampton He attended six training sessions and really connected with the Director of rugby and all the coaches. They seem to be equally impressed with his ability.
    Archie was selected from a group of 100 academy rugby boys to be in the first team squad. Quite an achievement as half of the boys are from the year above. In the first game of the season the whole scrum when down on top of Archie which injured his ankle. Unfortunately for him he received an email that afternoon saying after his performance at Saints training he was selected to play for the under 18s . He was then selected to play for the under 19s but his injury wouldn’t allow it. He was also approached by the East Midlands coach. Who have said they will be in touch once he is fit again.
    In mid-September Archie went back to Castle view for their annual sports award. Where he received several awards, all presented by Miss Jessica Judd .One week later Archie was presented with a Distinction award at the Young personality of the year 2013 for Rochford and Castle Point Sports Awards.
    Just before Christmas Archie was approached by a England Throws coach, who is now going to coach Archie next season. He has also been nominated by British Athletics to be part of the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence ( AAASE ) Programme. Which he has now been excepted for. This will be sessions of one to one British coaching, nutrition and performance, Psychological Demands of Athletes , Communication and Dealing with the Media and social media as well as Career Planning. The sessions will begin in February and will be held at the weekends with occasional half term session in various locations across the country.
    At the moment Archie is resting from contact training ,but is taking part in fitness and conditioning training as he has a shoulder injury and is attending regular physiotherapy sessions
    Regards Louise Leeming

  11. louise leeming Says:

    A quick update as promised to James,

    Archie has met up with his new England shot put coach in Northampton and completed a couple of training sessions, which he really enjoyed. Whilst there he was training along side a girl whose main coach is Jeff Capes, and she has told Archie that Jeff will be doing monthly training camps later in the summer which He will be invited to attend.
    Archie has got an appointment with a shoulder specialist in Northampton on the 23rd April and in the mean time will be having a MIR scan to finally try to resolve a niggling injury( i will keep you updated on his results).
    Archie was selected to play in the rugby sevens team through the summer, but at the moment his shoulder is stopping this.
    He played rugby for the first time in quite a while last week to see how his shoulder held out, to spare his shoulder they played him at outside center and he managed to score a try to help his team win over Saracens by 3 tries too 2. This is quite impressive as his is a forward played as a back.
    Archie was called in for a meeting with his course manager , head of year and director of rugby a couple of weeks ago and told he has been chosen to be course lesion representative, whichmeans Archie is the link between tutors and students.
    finally Archie attended the first workshop in the AASE program (Advanced apprenticeship in sporting excellence) on Saturday 29th March. The team leader came over to myself and Tony and told us he was pleased Archie accepted the place on the course as he has been noted as an Elite Athlete, and this will help enhance his career.

    That is all for now.

    kind Regards


  12. louise leeming Says:

    Hi All

    Sorry its been a while but it has been a hard few months for Archie!
    After his MRI scan Archie had to have shoulder surgery to reattach his cartilage and reline his shoulder. The surgery went well although it was worse than they thought, He had three staples put in instead of Two . There was slight damage to his bone, which would have got worse without the surgery. The surgeon thinks Archie dislocated his shoulder and it went straight back in, but not quite in the right position, so while he carried on playing rugby and throwing shot like this it has rubbed his bone. He is expected to be as good as new once his rehabilitation is complete. So hes been completely out of action. We took him on holiday to cheer him up,(the first in four years)which did him the world of good, as you can imagine he has really struggled with being out of action for so long. Its been quite difficult with the physio and consultant being up in Northampton. He should be back to light training in a week,a bit of light jogging then building on strength & conditioning. Then hopefully a bit of contact training. Then back to games & maybe some winter comps for shot.
    Archie has been attending the AASE program, which is so informative and completely eyeopening as far as learning all about drug testing and how careful he has to be, even with prescribed and over the counter cold remedies ect even certain food and drinks. He is doing well on the program, but has now got to be assessed in competition, which obviously he cant do until he is completely fit.
    Archie finish he first year at college on a Merit.which we are so chuffed about especially as he had to complete his whole last term at home in a sling. as he’s surgeon didn’t want him in that environment, being bumped about by hundreds of eighteen and nineteen year old lads.
    Archie went back to see the surgeon last week and he is really pleased with his progress. So on wards and upward .
    That is all for now.

    King regards


  13. louise leeming Says:

    Hi all
    Firstly a big thank you for your ongoing support and good luck to everyone involved in the fun run !!
    Archie was hopping to be involved in the fun run but unfortunately it has clashed with his AASE timetable .He has got to attend an all day session at Lee Valley , comprising of
    four session 1.Nutrition 2.psychology. 3. Strength & conditioning 4 physio then ending the day at five o clock with a full sports body screening.
    Archie started back at college on Wednesday last week. He has had his first training sessions since April all be it light training. But this has massively lifted his spirits.
    So on wards and upwards .
    Good luck once again look forward to the photos

    Kind Regards

    Louise Leeming .

  14. louise leeming Says:

    Hi All
    sorry once again its been a long time but it has been a turbulent time for Archie
    Firstly he was given the all clear with his shoulder and was expecting to be back playing in September,then his physio told him he needed to slow things down . So after some very long winded and at times intense physio Archie has finally played a couple of games, the first being a friendly for Canvey which they won and Archie scored four tries ( quite an achievement considering he played as a back when his true position is a front row forward).he then played for his collage against Oaklands,which is Saracens collage and they won. His coach was really pleased with Archie’s performance and said he was very excited to have Archie back, looking fitter and faster than ever before..
    He has now completed his qualification on the AASE program and awaits his certificate.
    Whilst on the program Archie was put forward to a GB throws Coach (John Hiller),and all being well will be stating training next week, if they get on and connect with each other this will be an ongoing arrangement .
    Archie’s studies are going well, he has applied to five universities and so far has been offered a place at three of them and is still waiting to hear from the other two!So this is a really busy time what with his studies and visiting the various universities.Training and playing.
    Archie has just walked through the door and told us his driving instructor has told him to book his theory test as he is ready to take his driving test. So fingers crossed for that one!

    I will update you further when we know which uni he is going to

    Very kind regards
    Louise Leeming

  15. Louise leeming Says:

    Hi all
    Sorry about the update delay but i did submit a blog two months ago from my phone,which hasnt been put on hear ?
    Archie did get offered all five uni places and after traveling up and down the contry to look at all five he has finally accepted Baths offer
    Whilst still at moulton collage Archie played a few more games of Rugby.which he played well in.Leading to him being selected for several 7s tournaments, which is not usual for forwards to play in as its more a running backs game .He played in the Northampton National 7s tournament reaching the finals.He played really well in the final, scored four trys and his team won the trophy. He is very pleased with his come back and ending on a high .
    Athletics is going really well hes had a few comp for basildon winning winning all of them. Whilst competing for Basildon he also threw the senior weight of 7.26 . As a result of hes proformance at this weight he was selected for senoir intercounties where he threw a life time best of 13.35m? Which ranks him 67th in the uk . Quite an achivement as he is still a junior and usually throws a 6kg.
    With a 6kg he came second in the South of England comp. He also finished sixth in the English School natioanl finals. Archie has also been selected for the intercounties which is at the end of this month.
    He also set a new life time best with a 6kg last monday evening throwing 14.55m moving him up the uk rankings table to 11th.This makes him a AAA s grade 1 athelet considering he only started back throwing in feb after 18 months out hes season is going fantastically well.
    Archie has now been called up for two weeks preseason trainig at bath uni to train with the 1st & 2nd team, quite an acumplishment as most of the lads are three and four years older than him.
    He also has a shot put compatition on monday night at theBromley open .

    Kind regards

    Louise leeming

  16. Louise Leeming Says:

    quick update on Archie’s latest competitions last Monday evening at Bromley He won throwing a new life time best of 14.86 with a 6 kg which was 13 cm further than his training partner, who has been with their GB coach for the last three years. He is also a year older and ranked fifth in the UK . To say Archie was happy with this is a massive understatement .
    Then on Saturday he won a senior league comp throwing for Basildon with a distance of 12.81m, ( 7.26kg).
    Archie has been training really hard this last few weeks and in doing so has managed to take the skin off of his releasing finger. So has had to rest this week and hopefully will be ok for Sunday’s county age group comp. he has also qualified for the Senior inter counties in early September but unfortunately will be in Bath at preseason rugby training.
    So fingers crossed for Sunday!!!

  17. ArchieLeeming Says:

    Since September I have completed my pre season training and ended up being selected for the 1st/2nd team. I am a starting 2nd team player on a regular basis and on a few occasions have been on the bench for the 1st team. Playing in games such as Hartpury, Cornish pirates mens team, Southampton 1st team etc. I have also received regular positive feedback from my coaches at Bath and they feel like I have a promising rugby career ahead of me.

    I have also been training for shot put as well as rugby whilst being at bath and as a result have been selected for the Bath team to compete at the BUCS indoor finals in Sheffield on the 20th February and also the intervasity cup in Enfield held on Wednesday 3rd febuary I have competed once as a senior thrower and that was at the South of England indoor finals in which I finished 2nd, getting the silver medal and also threw a 31cm PB, 13.66. After this performance I later received a message from the head coach of the Southampton British athletics league team asking me to throw for them in the Division 1 league,they have said they just miss promotion to the premier league last year, so would like me to throw for them as a higher claim athlete, to help raise their points tally. So hopefully gaining promotion for next season.I will still be able to throw for Basildon as my first claim club. As a higher claim athlete it will mean that I will be a semi professional shot putter.

    As well as all of this I have received my first two assignment grades, which both have been to a high level, the first one was only 8 marks off of a first and the second was 4 marks off of a first, so i am quite happy with these results and am currently waiting on one more assignment grade back and one exam result.

    Regards Archie.

  18. ArchieLeeming Says:

    Hi all
    just a quick up date Archie finished third in the interversity indoor championships throwing a new PB, with a distance of 13m 71cm . He was the highest finishing fresher by 2 and a half meters.
    he was also the smallest athlete by far!

    Regards Louise

  19. Jan Says:

    An update from Archie:
    Since my last post I have competed in a number of competitions, BUCS indoors and BUCS outdoors being two of the major ones, my results from BUCS were not to my liking however I did still make the final for both. After BUCS my focus went from athletics to academic studies, revising and making sure that I secured the grades I am capable of, I have now finished my first year at Bath university and since then I have also competed in my first division 1 competition in which I finished 3rd, the Essex outdoor finals which I won, meaning that I have won every Essex champs for shot put since my first one back in 2010. I also competed in the south of England outdoor finals where I threw a new PB of 13.96 and took home the bronze. Also I have a number of competitions coming up such as the eastern outdoor finals and the national outdoor finals, all within the next two weeks.
    Thank you for the on going support I will continue to keep you all posted.

  20. Jan Says:

    Hi everyone, just an update from myself on my whole season and other things that have been going on.
    i’ll start with rugby:
    The rugby season went well with a few appearances in the bath uni 1st team but the majority of the season was spent playing in the 2’s. We finished around 5th in our league and had some good results picking up wins against Loughborough, Durham and Hartpury, all of the top teams.
    Now onto the busier part of my life, athletics:
    I finished the season ranked 25th in the UK for the overall seniors, 6 places higher than last season,
    This left me ranked 10th in the UK for U23’s and in the top 60 in Europe for U23’s with still another year left at this age group.
    Achievements over the season:
    6th at the British indoors university championships
    5th in the British Outdoors university championships
    2nd in the Essex indoor championships
    2nd in the Essex outdoor championships
    2nd in the East of England indoor championships
    1st in the Southern Inter Counties championships
    Made 3 appearances in the Premiership for Southampton
    Threw a new indoor and outdoor PB
    And my biggest achievement of the season was picking up the bronze medal in the UK U23 championships and European U23 trials.
    What is on the agenda for next season?
    Next season will very much so be a lot of the same, playing rugby for Bath university and training full time for athletics. Southampton have offered me another 1 year deal, as did a club called Woodford Green. I was faced with the decision on who to sign with, the club who are held in higher regard, Woodford, or the club who helped me to get my name on the map in the big leagues, Southampton. Eventually I made the decision to continue being loyal to Southampton as I feel it is better for my long term development.
    I have been working hard these past few months in the gym getting my strength up, a few weeks ago I performed my 1 rep max testing for my coach. We are both in the process of creating a winter strength and training programme for myself so that come February I can open my season with a flying start.
    My education is going well, I have completed 2 years at university now and I have 1 year left of my degree, sports performance and analysis. However as a few of you know I would like to peruse a masters degree in Business Management and Administration, this is still the case.
    Thank you all for the continued support, it means the world to me and is constantly helping me get closer to my dream one step at a time.

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